Available Puppies

Spring 2019 pups are on the way.

In March 2019 medium size Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles be born to Seattle’s Pepsi and Seattle’s Touchdown Wilson. We expect black, cream, chalk, apricot, caramel and red. These pups will mature to 30 to 55 lb., which is 18 to 21 inches at the shoulder. They will have non-shedding/low-shedding fleece coats. Both parents are health tested, and this pairing has brought us beautiful pups in 2018.

In March 2019 a litter of medium Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles are expected from Seattle’s Be Merry Lila and Hills West Denali. They will mature to 30 55 lb., 18 to 21 inches at the shoulder. The colors of this litter will be apricot, cream, red.

Place a deposit by PayPal and fill out the application below to be contacted about these two litters.

Wanting a non-puppy?

Meet Tuck

A rare opportunity for a one year old adolescent Australian Labradoodle. This boy is a standard size 23 inches at shoulder (just the height to nab a Lb of bacon from your countertop) 45 to 50 Lb fellow who has abundant love and energy to bring home to you. He needs an active lifestyle, a yard to run in, an owner who jogs or walks miles a day. No “wanna-be” exercisers need apply. He will be a warm, fleecy body pillow on your sofa. He is very playful with other dogs. He is happy to be with children. He needs an owner who looks forward to the training process. Owner will need a tutorial in walking an excitable dog, as he pulls on leash out of excitement. He is housebroken, but needs patience during a transition. He needs a house, not an apartment or condo. Neutered, chipped, shots appropriate to age. He is highly social, not a good fit for owners who are gone a a good bit. This boy wants to go with you! If you have a dog already, read through Whole Dog Journal’s “Managing a Multi Dog Household” to consider adding him to your family. 3,200.00 Scheduling visits in early February to meet Tuck in Nine Mile Falls or Vashon, Wa. I’m crazy about Tuck and will be patient for his ideal family to meet him. I do not ship dogs

tuck tuck

Happy Hollidays to you. 2018 pups are spoken for. Medium size Australian Labradoodle puppies will arrive mid January and be ready for homes mid March. Mazzie is the Mama. Pups will mature to 35 to 55 lb., 18 to 20 inches at the shoulder. Two more pups may be reserved. Announcement of sire will come in December. Pups will be cream, apricot and honey.

Autumn Puppies abound!

Seattle’s Little Bear and Seattle’s Touchdown Wilson had a surprisingly large litter with six shiny black pups. Several pups are available mid November. They will be 35 to 55 lb. Australian Labradoodles, 18 to 21 inches at the shoulder.


Late 2018 medium Australian Labradoodles Available

If our late summer / autumn litter of medium Australian Labradoodle pups is larger than expected or if changes happen in the litter list, we will contact those who already have a deposit and approved application. We always reserve two pups for our own program, and sometimes those two become available. Summer and Autumn litters are Touchdown Wilson and Little Bear. Also, Dottie and Denali.

New Litter Announcement:

The litter of Tallulah of Sundance and Seattle’s Timber Leaf is expected mid October, ready for home Dec. 15, 2018. We are accepting applications with 500.00 deposit (refundable if we do not have a pup for you) for this medium Australian Labradoodle litter in colors cream, caramel, red, honey. They will be low to non-shedding and allergy friendly. See these two on Our Doodles page. See our comprehensive Prepare for your Puppy package on Available Puppy page. Medium pups mature to 35 to 55 lb., 17 to 21 inches. 500.00 deposit goes toward purchase price of 3,400.00.

Thank you!


Plan for your 2019 Australian Labradoodle

We can accept your non-refundable 500.00 deposit with an application now for medium (18 to 20 inch at shoulder and 30 to 50 Lb) and small standard (21 to 22 inch at shoulder and 45 to 55 Lb ) Australian Labradoodles. Pups will be apricot, cream, gold, red. Please see Paypal tab. With deposits coming in after July 4, the purchase price will be 3400.00. I will collect tax from WA residents. We do not breed Goldendoodles.

Autumn 2017

Thank you Australian Labradoodle Enthusiasts! I am loving my crisp mornings drinking coffee in the midst of a pile of puppies, and warm afternoons with the four week olds soaking up their first sun rays. Our 2017 Spring and Summer litters are reserved and future owners are planning for their visits with their pups at our New Nine Mile Falls, WA home or at my Assistant Tami’s home in Sammamish. Tami will contact you at the end of May about your June puppy visit. At the end of June we expect a litter from Sophia de la Creme and Mr. Snuffleupagus. They will mature to 35 to 55l lb, and shoulder height of 18 to 20 inches.

We can take deposits and applications for litters in winter 2017 and for 2018. They will be cream, apricot, honey, caramel, possible black. All will be medium Australian Labradoodles with curly or wavy coats, low to non-shedding. We are not yet announcing the matches.
Bolingo Labradoodles in Tri-Cities has cream pups available late May. Touch base with Heidi. Happy Labradoodle in Snohomish has medium pups ready in late July. Check with Brook.

One more gushy THANK YOU to my Super Assistant Tami, who has allowed the pups and I to meet waiting owners at her home in Sammamish since my family relocated to the East Side of WA. And a giant THANK YOU to her husband Erich and children whose pitching in has made your puppy dreams happen in the past year.

Dog Lovers everywhere, be mindful of the hot temperatures inside your car when the sun is shining. Plan your errands and outings without your dog when summer heat strikes. 65 degrees outside may be 90 degrees inside your car.

Guardian needed in Spokane for a future Shedless in Seattle breeding female
Our 2016 pups are spoken all snuggled into their homes, and by now are busy leaving muddy little paw prints across the kitchen floor. I am experiencing this along with other Labradoodles owners as I kept two here with me. I am currently looking for a guardian family (Forever Family) around Spokane area for one female. Please read through the contract on my Available Puppy Page before calling. Please call 425 802 0342 if you are interested. Applicants will be asked for outstanding references, and should be deep-rooted in the Spokane area.
If you are emailing about Labradoodles, my Super Assistant, Tami will contact you.
Email Tami at contact@seattlelabradoodles.com. Phone Tami for questions about your deposit with application at 425 442 3000.

Summer 2017
Changes are underway! With the Autumn weather we are announcing a change to our eleven year strong breeding program. Our family has moved from Sammamish WA in Seattle area to Nine Mile Falls, WA. This is north of Spokane. My husband took a job with wonderful Whitworth University over summer 2016. We are almost unpacked! We have already raised and seen our first Nine Mile Falls litter home thanks to my Assistant, Tami Thompson. Living in Sammamish, Tami and her family offered to have pups spend their last week at their home so that future Seattle area puppy owners and waiting owners may meet the pups, express their preferences, and then pick up the pups after eight weeks of age. Another option is for future owners to visit us here in the N. Spokane area at our new home. All 2017 pups will be medium in size, 35 to 65 lb. and 18 to 21 inches at the shoulder, in cream, apricot, red, and a few black. Some will be curly, some wavy, all will be low to non-shedding. When applying, please consider that those who are flexible with color and coat type and sex may have a pup available before those who are very specific about color, coat type and sex. Thank you Shedless in Seattle owners for your referrals!

Price and Delivery | Puppy Application

Puppy Reservation

Our owners are coming back for seconds! We are happy to discount your second dog by 20%.

To reserve a puppy, please fill out the Puppy Application and place a 300.00 PayPal deposit. After reviewing the application if we do not choose to work together or I do not have a pup for you, I will refund the deposit. Within three days I will phone you to discuss the application. After approval, you will receive acknowledgement that you have a puppy reserved from the next litter of your choosing.

Please understand the process of matching pup to applicant. You are welcome to visit and express your four favorite pups in the litter, and why you have chosen them. Please identify any pup that you do not favor. Using both your preferences and my experience, I will match a pup to each applicant that best. I appreciate your thoughtful consideration to this process. Experience tells me that those who only find one pup in the litter that has potential, may not be the folks I choose to work with, unless this dog has a firm future as a service dog.

I will make a match that:

  1. meets the needs of each individual applicant
  2. meets the needs of each individual pup
  3. will provide a lifetime match in which “never the two shall part”

Why do I state this? There have been times that as a softie, I have been talked out of a solid match and into a pup that someone chooses based on aesthetics. It has not worked out well on a few occasions.

Does anyone get preference in choosing their pup at Shedless in Seattle Labradoodles? Yes indeed!

  1. An applicant and dog that has a solid plan as a service dog. These need special consideration.
  2. Those who have purchased a pup from me in the past. A loyal friend is a treasure.
  3. Future hopeful breeding dogs. This assures the health and success of the breed.

Some breeders will sell first pick of the litter to the highest bidder, or to a person paying hundreds or thousands of dollars. Hmmmmm. Perhaps if you are willing to make a very very meaningful contribution to one of my favored philanthropies we can talk. A meaningful and generous contribution! The kind that brings hope to the hopeless, food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, dignity to the oppressed. Run it by me! I might be moved.

LabradoodleOur Forever Family Guardian Home Opportunities

Often we are approached by families who want a Doodle but are put off by the price. If you are in that situation, our Forever Family guardian program may suit your needs.

Labradoodle owners are writing in to us! Read their letters at our Owners page.

A Forever Family takes possession of their puppy at 8 weeks of age with their puppy being a permanent member of their family. The puppy comes at a greatly discounted price depending on our agreement. In return, the family allows their dog to become a part of the Shed Less in Seattle breeding program.

Why do we offer this? We are committed to have every breeding dog live as a pet in a home rather than in kennels (we have no kennels). This allows us to expand our breeding program and still have just three pets living in our own home.

View some of our favorite Labradoodle pictures in the Photo Gallery!

The female will return to our home for 6-7 weeks for each litter. She will complete her mom career at four years of age. A male may complete his earlier. Some families enjoy being part of the birthing process. We pay our Forever Families a yearly stipend to cover premium food and for incidental costs. Forever Families need impeccable character references and should be permanently residing within two hours of Seattle. See the Forever Family Contract.

Price and Delivery


“Piper, Be Merry Lila and Precious” during first hot summer at the Spokane home.

“We hope to train “Whitworth”, our 2016 addition, to visit the Veterans Hospital in Spokane”.

Multigen and Australian Labradoodle puppies are $3,100, which includes:

  • Three carefully chosen puppy training and housebreaking books that are age and experience appropriate.
  • Three year health guarantee
  • No questions asked “I will refund purchase price and take the dog back if needed” guarantee for two years, full refund.
  • Three toys that your puppy and litter mates has been playing with, to send familiar smells home.
  • A blanket that your puppy has slept with in order to comfort your pup with familiar scents.
  • Crate that will fit your dog in it’s mature size.
  • Ear Cleaner
  • Nail Clippers
  • Leash and Collar
  • Microchip implanted and paid for lifetime.
  • Neuter or spay
  • Age appropriate shots and preventative dewormer.
  • Smart toy feeding puzzle which allows pup to work for it’s food.
  • My favorite training treats.
  • Access by phone and text to answer training and behavior questions.
  • One year of Whole Dog Journal, periodical which I consider the best non-bias information on training, health, rating of canned food, kibble, and raw diets.
  • One beef knuckle bone, and one pizzle sourced from the U.S.A.
  • Food that pup is accustomed to eating.

Your puppy will have eight weeks of tender loving care inside our home, including exposure to the sounds and socialization of family life. We practice crate training with your puppy during its last weeks with us. Your puppy will be sleeping from 11pm to 6am on its first night home with you. At 8 weeks of age, your puppy will have ridden in the car multiple times, visited stores and Starbucks. This assures that your puppy has been socialized inside your home and out in public. We make an effort to expose your puppy to potentially scary noises such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and traffic, in our care, before it comes into your home. This is something that a kennel cannot offer your puppy!

At 7 weeks of age, we carefully match the characteristics of each pup to the needs and desires of each waiting family. Don't be concerned about reserving the last puppy, as your request will be honored as if it were the first. There is no "last-pick puppy" at Shed Less in Seattle.

There are five ways to receive your puppy:

  1. We will happily hand-deliver your puppy as a carryon item to the following states: Washington, California, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York. Price for hand-delivery is $450 (be sure to inquire, as I sometimes am antsy to travel to friends, family, and sunshine), as a ballpark, but we will pass along the savings for any better price to you. California, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Alaska are normally much less. Feel free to use your frequent-flyer points to purchase a ticket for us to hand-deliver your Australian Labradoodle pup to you. In this case you only pay the fee for traveling in-cabin with a puppy, which varies from $75 to $150 depending on airline.

  2. You may fly in to Seattle-Tacoma airport (large international airport in Washington State) and I will meet you there with everything you need to fly comfortably with your pup. We can spend about 90 minutes together going over training, grooming and your questions. I will coach you on tips to keep puppy happy and quiet during the flight. I will not charge for my travel time. It makes me feel peaceful to meet the folks who will by my puppy's new fam.

  3. You may fly into Seattle-Tacoma airport (Washington's largest) and we will pick you up, drive to our home, and spend 90 minutes here discussing grooming your pup, training your new Labradoodle, and any questions you have about preparing for life with a new puppy. Our home is in the Sammamish/Issaquah area, otherwise called the Eastside of Seattle. We are also near Redmond, WA. We live 35 minutes from SeaTac Airport in no traffic, and one hour in rush hour. I will return you to the airport. This is a good option if you want to meet our other dogs, or see where your puppy is raised. You will be pleased, we promise! I will prepare you to travel with the puppy, and provide the soft-sided carrier and every other item you need to travel peacefully with puppy in front of you, under the seat. The charge for this service is $50 per hour of driving, but my time preparing you for puppy-parenting is included in your purchase price.

  4. If you are fortunate enough to live in the state of Washington, or the incredible Northwest, you may want to drive here to pick up your pup. Most of our clients are local people, and visit a time or two before pickup. I love visits with new families because it helps the pup adjust to your family. Vancouver BC owners have no issues crossing the border. I will have the travel certificate ready.

  5. Some families visit us at Shedless in Seattle Labradoodles as part of their family vacation to the Northwest. Destinations near our Shedless in Seattle family are Whistler, Vancouver BC, Portland OR and Seaside OR. Washington is a fabulous travel destination. The Woodinville wineries are 25 minutes away. Whistler is 5 hours by train or car, Victoria is a three-hour ferry ride. Olympic Peninsula (Forks WA, of Twilight fame) is five hours by car. A great place to stay while visiting us in Sammamish (Eastside of Seattle) is the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland WA. It is waterfront, and the most Labradoodle-friendly, dog-loving (not just dog-friendly) hotels I have ever visited. One of our own Doodles, Woody, retired from there as Greeter and Customer Care Representative. He also hosted the Woodmark's Yappy Hour. The Yakima Valley is a couple of hours drive east through the high desert.

While we are not able to accommodate "just-lookers", we absolutely love to meet our future Labradoodle owners. So do the puppies. Come see us!

Before picking up your pup, you will want to have arranged an appointment for a veterinarian checkup as stated in your contract.

During your puppy's time with our family, we will:

  • Introduce him to the many sights and sounds he will hear in your home and during travel
  • Give him opportunities to be curious and explore in tunnels, boxes, and with balls and various toys
  • Introduce him to adults and children, as well as other dogs in our home
  • Coach him regarding appropriate play with humans
  • Introduce him to crate training

Our Commitment to You

It is our desire as breeders that in your experiences with us you will find us excellent, faithful, honest and responsible.



We will breed only carefully chosen dogs, selected for excellence in temperament, health, and conformation to the developing breed. We use only parent dogs tested for hips and eyes to improve the quality of the breed. By using artificial insemination we are able to use the best sire for the desired traits of our puppies and the developing breed. Our goal as a breeder is to offer a low- to non-shedding outstanding family companion. In this effort we will not put health in second position. We consider excellent health, lovable temperament, and a non-shedding coat the three strands of one cord, each being of equal importance.


We will care for the parent dogs and puppies in a way that would be pleasing to you. They eat the highest quality human-grade food, and take natural supplements. We attempt to keep our home and outdoors chemical-free. Our dogs live, are exercised, and are socialized in a home. Our puppies will come to you having been exposed to the many noises that they would experience in your home and neighborhood. For details on how we care for your puppy, see Delivery Information.

After you receive your puppy we hope to hear from you. We will be available to you via phone and email for consultation or to direct you toward useful resources. We hope that long after this adoption you will regard as both breeder and friend.


We will be honest and forthcoming in our transaction with you, as we expect you will with us. We value transparency in relationships and business dealings.


We do not want any of our puppies to end up in a shelter. If you ever find yourself unable to care for your pet we will assist in finding a new family for your dog by using resources available to breeders. We will attempt to find a new home in your vicinity to save you the cost of shipping. If there is no adoptive home found near you, you may ship the dog to us for care until a new family is found.

Contract and Health Warranty
PDF, 100k

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Phone calls and texts are preferred.